Commit 0a4b27ec authored by Michel JAOUEN's avatar Michel JAOUEN Committed by Øyvind Harboe
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rtos : linux awareness

Change-Id: I41294ccaa4a3cd253919c8b1b558205903bcb695
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichel JAOUEN <>

Tested-by: jenkins
Reviewed-by: default avatarHeythem Bouhaja <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarØyvind Harboe <>
parent 433ca26f
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ include $(top_srcdir)/
noinst_HEADERS = rtos.h rtos_standard_stackings.h rtos_ecos_stackings.h
librtos_la_SOURCES = rtos.c rtos_standard_stackings.c rtos_ecos_stackings.c FreeRTOS.c ThreadX.c eCos.c
librtos_la_SOURCES = rtos.c rtos_standard_stackings.c rtos_ecos_stackings.c FreeRTOS.c ThreadX.c eCos.c linux.c
librtos_la_CFLAGS =
This diff is collapsed.
/* gdb script to update the header file
according to kernel version and build option
before executing function awareness
kernel symbol must be loaded : symbol vmlinux
define awareness
set logging off
set logging file linux_header.h
set logging on
printf "#define QAT %p\n",&((struct task_struct *)(0))->stack
set $a=&((struct list_head *)(0))->next
set $a=(int)$a+(int)&((struct task_struct *)(0))->tasks
printf "#define NEXT %p\n",$a
printf "#define COMM %p\n",&((struct task_struct *)(0))->comm
printf "#define MEM %p\n",&((struct task_struct *)(0))->mm
printf "#define ONCPU %p\n",&((struct task_struct *)(0))->on_cpu
printf "#define PID %p\n",&((struct task_struct *)(0))->pid
printf "#define CPU_CONT %p\n",&((struct thread_info *)(0))->cpu_context
printf "#define PREEMPT %p\n",&((struct thread_info *)(0))->preempt_count
printf "#define MM_CTX %p\n",&((struct mm_struct *)(0))->context
#define QAT 0x4
#define NEXT 0x1b0
#define COMM 0x2d4
#define MEM 0x1cc
#define ONCPU 0x18
#define PID 0x1f4
#define CPU_CONT 0x1c
#define PREEMPT 0x4
#define MM_CTX 0x160
......@@ -37,12 +37,14 @@ static void hex_to_str( char* dst, char * hex_src );
extern struct rtos_type FreeRTOS_rtos;
extern struct rtos_type ThreadX_rtos;
extern struct rtos_type eCos_rtos;
extern struct rtos_type Linux_os;
static struct rtos_type *rtos_types[] =
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