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    David Claffey <dnclaffey@gmail.com>: · c6e80f63
    zwelch authored
    This patch helps fix MIPS big endian (elf32-tradbigmips) targets.
    If "-endian big" is not set in target create, the endianess defaults to
    little.  mw and md commands will still work, but binary file loads will
    have the incorrect word order loaded into memory.
    The EJTAG processor access data register (PrAcc) is little endian
    regardless of the CPU endianness; it is always loaded LSB first. This
    is confirmed by the fact that mips_ejtag_drscan_32() uses buf_set_u32()
    to load the scan field; buf_set_u32() is a little-endian formatter. For
    big endian targets, data buffers have to be modified so the LSB of each
    u32 or u16 is at the lower (first) memory location.  If the drscan
    out_value word order is set using buf_set_u32() then it makes sense to
    also fixup the in_value with buf_get_u32(); a symmetry argument. This
    has no affect on little endian hosts.
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