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    - fix warnings during configure cause by ecosboard. default to no, if host cpu isn't arm. · 87939e55
    drath authored
    - fix generic bitbang code to allow scans to end in Shift-[ID]R
    - several CFI fixes (thanks to Michael Schwingen):
     - buffer overflow when converting target code in cfi_intel_write_block -
       cfi_fix_code_endian needs the number of words, not bytes, as size
     - Spansion flash write was completely broken on big-endian targets - I
       borrowed mechanisms from the intel driver, and moved some common code
       into the cfi_command_val helper function. There is still more common code
       that might be cleaned up.
     - the buffer size check in cfi_write was broken for spansion flashes, where
       cfi_write_words is not implemented. cfi_write_words is no only called if
       the flash does have a buffer size >1.
     - "flash info" printed CFI status information for non-CFI flashes, which is
       confusing. It now only prints those when a real CFI flash is detected.
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