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    - minimum autoconf 2.59 is now required and verified - due to issues with AS_HELP_STRING · 6c9b804d
    ntfreak authored
    - native win32 now handles WSAECONNRESET - no longer exits openocd
    - qCRC packet now works correctly under cygwin (gdb compare-sections command)
    - removed __USE_GNU define from gdbserver.c
    - gdb qSupported packet is now handled, with this we are able to tell gdb packet size, memory map of target
    - added new target script gdb_program_config - called before gdb flash programming
    - new gdb server command gdb_memory_map (enable|disable> - default is disable
    - new gdb server command gdb_flash_program (enable|disable> - default is disable
    - gdb flash programming supported - vFlash packets
    - image_elf_read_section now does not clear any remaining data, this was causing the gdb checksum to fail with certain files
    - reformat of usbprog.c
    - memory leak in command_print fixed
    - updated texi doc to include new commands
    - added gdb programming section to docs
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