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    When setting up an ETM, cache its ETM_CONFIG register. Then · 22045fa6
    dbrownell authored
    only expose the registers which are actually present.  They
    could be missing for two basic reasons:
     - This version might not support them at all; e.g. ETMv1.1
       doesn't have some control/status registers.  (My sample of
       ARM9 boards shows all with ETMv1.3 support, FWIW.)
     - The configuration on this chip may not populate as many
       registers as possible; e.g. only two data value comparators
       instead of eight.
    Includes a bugfix in the "etm info" command:  only one of the
    two registers is missing on older silicon, so show the first
    one before bailing.
    Update ETM usage docs to explain that those registers need to be
    written to configure what is traced, and that some ETM configs
    are not yet handled.  Also, give some examples of the kinds of
    constrained trace which could be arranged.
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