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    Minor ETB and ETM bugfixes and doc updates · 10336333
    dbrownell authored
     - ETB
        * report _actual_ hardware status, not just expected status
        * add a missing diagnostic on a potential ETB setup error
        * prefix any diagnostics with "ETB"
     - ETM
        * make "etm status" show ETM hardware status too, instead of
          just traceport status (which previously was fake, sigh)
     - Docs
        * flesh out "etm tracemode" docs a bit
        * clarify "etm status" ... previously it was traceport status
        * explain "etm trigger_percent" as a *traceport* option
    ETM+ETB tracing still isn't behaving, but now I can see that part of 
    the reason is that the ETB turns itself off almost immediately after
    being enabled, and before collecting any data.
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