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......@@ -8,25 +8,25 @@ Stick some insulating tape over the ECG contacts at the bottom of your wristband
Cut off the USB-A connector as we don't have use for it
<img class="center" alt="cut usb wire" src="/media/ecg/1-cut-wire.jpg" width="300" height="auto" align="center">
![cut usb wire](/media/ecg/1-cut-wire.jpg)
Slide the big shrinking tube over the USB cable
Separate the wires as shown in the picture
<img class="center" alt="usb wire meanings" src="/media/ecg/wire-meanings.jpg" width="300" height="auto" align="center">
![usb wire meanings](/media/ecg/wire-meanings.jpg)
Cut off all wires ecxept for orange and purple
<img class="center" alt="cut off unused wires" src="/media/ecg/cut-off-wires.jpg" width="300" height="auto" align="center">
![cut off unused wires](/media/ecg/cut-off-wires.jpg)
Move the two small shrinking tubes over the ECG wires
Solder the ECG wires to the USB wires as shown in the pictures
<img class="center" alt="solder ecg usb wires" src="/media/ecg/3-solder.jpg" width="300" height="auto" align="center">
![solder ecg usb wires](/media/ecg/3-solder.jpg)
......@@ -34,26 +34,26 @@ Test your ECG setup on your Card10 prior the next step
Slide the small shrinking tubes over the soldering connections and apply hot air (e.g. lighter)
<img class="center" alt="apply small heat shrink tubes" src="/media/ecg/4-add-heat-shrink.jpg" width="300" height="auto" align="center">
![apply small heat shrink tubes](/media/ecg/4-add-heat-shrink.jpg)
<img class="center" alt="shrink small heat shrink tubes" src="/media/ecg/5-shrik-this.jpg" width="300" height="auto" align="center">
![shrink small heat shrink tubes](/media/ecg/5-shrik-this.jpg)
Slide the bigger shrinking tube over the two small ones and also shrink it
<img class="center" alt="apply large heat shrink tube" src="/media/ecg/large-heat-shrink.jpg" width="300" height="auto" align="center">
![apply large heat shrink tube](/media/ecg/large-heat-shrink.jpg)
Have fun and hack ECG stuff
<img class="center" alt="ecg fertig" src="/media/ecg/fertig.jpg" width="300" height="auto" align="center">
![ecg fertig](/media/ecg/fertig.jpg)
### Usage
<img class="center" alt="ecg usage" src="/media/ecg/application.jpg" width="300" height="auto" align="center">
![ecg usage](/media/ecg/application.jpg)
#### ECG
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