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......@@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ You need to make three connections from the card10 to the LED. Before you start
Not all 6 sewable connections are used (see below), so you can use non-conductive thread to attach the LED board with the unused sewable corners.
Next we give you the connections you need to make, followed by some tips for sewing with conductive thread.
[![led pins](/media/led_sewing/led_pins.jpg)](/media/led_sewing/led_pins.jpg)
### Connections
The six connections are marked in figure [TODO]. DI and DO are duplicated, you only need to use one of each.
* GND is marked with a -, right next to the capital L
......@@ -28,6 +30,8 @@ The six connections are marked in figure [TODO]. DI and DO are duplicated, you o
* Data In is marked DI, pick one of the two available DI pins
* Data Out is marked with DO; you only need this pin if you are attaching a more RGB LEDs. In this case pick one of the two available DO pins and connect it to a DI pin of the next LED.
[![labeled led pins](/media/led_sewing/labeled_led_pins.jpg)](/media/led_sewing/labeled_led_pins.jpg)
### Tips for sewing
Whilst very practical, the conductivity of the thread can also be a curse when the thread gets into the wrong places. To make sure the end of your thread doesn't short circuit the card10, first sew it onto the wristband
at a safe distance. You can make a knot at the end of the thread to fix it onto the wristband. To seal the end of the conductive thread, you can add a little drop of nail polish on top of it.
......@@ -51,9 +55,14 @@ The card10 firmware has support for the type of LED which the LilyPad Pixel Boar
import gpio
import ws2812
ws2812.set_all(gpio.WRISTBAND_1, [[255, 255, 0]])
ws2812.set_all(gpio.WRISTBAND_1, [[25, 25, 0]])
ws2812.set_all(gpio.WRISTBAND_1, [[25, 25, 0]])
Due to a bug in the libray setting the color does not work the first time. That's why the last line is repeated.
Your LED should light up yellow now :)
### Sample application
This example queries the state of the lower right button and turns multiple RGB LEDs on when it is pressed:
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