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- passwd
- configure any network interfaces as needed
- sudo apt update
- sudo apt upgrade
- sudo reboot
- sudo apt install git
- git clone IOTstack
- cd ~/IOTstack
- ./
- let it install dependencies
- restart when asked
- edit `/etc/group` and add `pi` to the `docker` group
- log out
- login again, run again
- ignore error message because of docker version
- select "Build Stack"
- select grafana, influxdb, nodered using space
- enter node red menu, build addons list
- add generic ble to list
- hit enter
- go to docker commands
- select start stack
- wait for containers being built
- use bluetoothctl to pair the card10
- `scan on`
- enter bluetooth menu on card10
- `pair CA:4D:10:01:FF:64` (replace with MAC that is shown in bluetooth memnu)
- type `yes`, hit yes on card10
- `disconnect CA:4D:10:01:FF:64`
- `exit`
- create influx database
- `docker exec -it influxdb influx`
- `create database card10`
- (use card10)
- `create user "nodered" with password 'supersecure'`
- `create user "grafana" with password 'supersecure'`
- `grant all on card10 to nodered`
- `grant all on card10 to grafana`
- configure grafana
- ip:3000
- admin, admin
- select a new password
- add new data source influxdb
- url `http://influxdb:8086`
- database card10
- user grafana
- password supersecure
- method GET
- add card10 in nodered
- go to ip:1880
- import flow.json
- change mac of device to CA:4D:10:01:FF:64 (same as above)
- set user of influxdb to `nodered`
- set password of influxdb to `supersecure`
- deploy flow
- reboot. check that card10 ble connection goes to "active"
You should now see data coming in in the grafana dashboard that you created before under ip:3000
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