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IMPORTANT: Make sure to use your operating "Eject Drive" feature before unplugging or turning off your `card10` (no, `umount` and `sync` are not enough!). This is a know limitation at the moment.
## Updating the Bootloadder
The bootloader can be updated without a debugger. To be documented.
## Inner Workings
The bootloader tries to mount the external flash chip (8 MB) as a FAT file system and then read the `card10.bin` file from it. If the file can be read and is not corrupted, the bootloader checks if the internal flash already contains this file and writes it to the internal flash if needed. Afterwards the bootloader tries to execute the file inside the internal flash.
......@@ -51,8 +55,5 @@ At the moment there is no support for multiple images to be flashed to different
Please contribute by improving the bootloader:
- Does not show anything on the display when active
- Does properly work with the `sync` or `umount` commands on the host. The host need to `eject` the drive
- Does not ask the user when it is about to replace the contents of the internal flash
- Does not warn the user when the image is corrupted
- Needs a long press to power cycle the `card10` to turn it off after writing a new `card10.bin`
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