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## How does the so-called wiki work?
To keep things easier to maintain (the r0ket wiki has been going for 8 years now!), we decided on a git/markdown based wiki for this year. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch via the card10 communication channels.
## What is all this stuff about travelers and researchers?
This year's badge isn't only hardware and firmware, it comes with some story telling around it. All work before day0 is performed by 'researchers'. According to the storytelling, they received some messages from the future, indicating that cccamp19 will have a badge. These reports come from 'travelers', which within the story are people at camp, from day 1 onwards. In reality these reports are our means of introducing card10 features and concepts, but wrapped into a nice story.
## What components are on card10?
Have a look at the [hardware overview](/en/hardware-overview).
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