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## Using card10 in USB storage mode
TODO: this is how you can turn your commands into a python script and add it to the card10
## Adding your app to the hatchery
Once you have a nice app that runs on your card10, you can share it with the rest of the world by adding it to the hatchery.
If your app is not quite ready yet, but you want to share it, you can also add it the hatchery and keep it unpublished.
Additionally, the hatchery is a great place to have a look at other people's apps and learn how they implemented their ideas!
Go to the [hatchery](, register an account, and choose the badge model card10.
Klick on 'Add' to create an egg for your app in the hatchery. Pick a category, select _card10_ for the compatibility, and add a title and description.
You can even use libraries from existing apps, which you can add as dependencies in the next menu.
Your app comes with an empty `` file, this is needed by python. You can then upload your script file(s) in addition to it.
Once you are satisfied, you can publish it in an official revision. As you improve your code, you can re-upload your files and publish new versions.
### Closing a session
To close a session in screen, press `Ctrl+A` then `k` then `y`. In picocom, exit using `Ctrl+A`, then `Ctrl+Q`.
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