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# Assemble your card10
<img class="center" alt="harmonic board with glue dot" src="/media/assemble/IMG_20190819_143216.jpg" width="420" height="auto" align="center">
- use the glue dot to attach the battery to the harmonic board
<img class="center" alt="battery attached to harmonic board" src="/media/assemble/IMG_IMG_20190819_143128.jpg" width="420" height="auto" align="center">
- plug the battery in
<img class="center" alt="attaching the spacers" src="/media/assemble/IMG_IMG_20190819_142944.jpg" width="420" height="auto" align="center">
- attach the spacers with four of the screws
- put the nylon spacer next to LED3
- the nylon spacer is not symmetrical, the flat side should face the fundamental board screw
- carefully place the fundamental board with the STECKVERBINDER
<img class="center" alt="both boards placed on top of each other" src="/media/assemble/IMG_IMG_20190819_143114.jpg" width="420" height="auto" align="center">
- carefully place the fundamental board with the connector
<img class="center" alt="wristband with card10" src="/media/assemble/IMG_IMG_20190819_142436.jpg" width="420" height="auto" align="center">
- place the wristband fluffy side up and the metal bars on top of the badge and add the remaining screws
<img class="center" alt="Photo of the card10 badge" src="/media/assemble/IMG_IMG_20190819_142613.jpg" width="420" height="auto" align="center">
## Have fun with your card10!
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