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# card10
Welcome to the official wiki of the ccccamp2019 badge: card10 (cardio).
## Overview
- Community
- at [Matrix](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrix_(protocol)): `#asra.gr:card10`
- or [IRC](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Relay_Chat) (mirror): `#freenode#card10`
- Social Media
- [`@card10badge@chaos.social`](https://chaos.social/@card10badge)
- [`twitter.com/card10badge`](https://twitter.com/card10badge)
## Components
- [Hardware](http://gitlab.hamburg.ccc.de/card10/hardware)
- [Communication|Narrative](/en/communication_narrative.md)
#### general
We got some log entries from travelers that have been to this years camp. As far as we know there will be a badge, people call it card10 and "wear" it on one of their arms and connect via BTLE.
It is documented that we will have been developing a wide range of so called "interhacktions" (loadables) for card10. A lot of the villages at the camp will have so called GIGAs, BTLE Devices to spread new interhacktions, host games and connect to travelers.
To not ruin the future by hiding information that was given to us, we started a wiki (CARD10LOGIX) for everyone to collaborate on ideas for Card10.
what travelers will write down in their log-entry at cccamp 2019 will be developed from now on by all of us.
### ongoing process
* logbooks
* [card10-camp-travelers](/en/logbook/card10-camp)
* [personal time, wristband, individual design](/en/logbook/I-O-time-wristband-individual-design)
* [personale state LED](/en/logbook/personal-state-led)
* [topics near by](/en/logbook/topics-near-by)
## logbook entry
In the world I am right now travelers are relating themselves to a new time-space-concept-. They call it IOT: input-output-time. With my card10 I can always see 1 shared time that counts every hour we are in this community in a still very linear way. But besides this I have my own input-output-time cycle.
As for me its totally different to spent my time with my mind in virtual space or with my body in physical space, I programmed my card10 to a time cycle that takes my movement as an input and goes own with my time-cycle if I physically move around. With my ongoing time the colors of my card10s general LEDs slowly shift from light yellow to violet.
Today I met a traveler that had an interesting perspective on his own rhythm. Because they feel insecure about the amount of time they want to spent on their own to rest, they programed their card10 to a cycle that goes on to the next unit of time when they shake their card10 heavily. So they decided to shake their arm for every "moment" they experienced and aimed to rest every 10 moments for some time in camp mode. I hope to meet them again to see how he feels with this time :)
I just loaded a pulse-input-time cycle in a village where all local travelers shared this pulse-time. I will join into this time now. It is an interesting new way of relating my time cycle to my physical being.
getting to know it more, card10 can be individualized also in physical ways. I found some interhacktions today that one can connect through the wristband. The traveler that introduced me to this had some really weid looking interhacktions on their card10 and I recognized a specialized top-design.
// -> not sure about the wristband-part ....
## conclusions for this interhacktion:
We will have set a new shared time starting with the opening talk, counting in hours. The device will have had the functionality to have one or more personal time-cycles that have different input and outputs.
#### demands
## logbook entry
Log Entry D0, Traveller Aki
I somehow came here on purpose, seeking the unknown, the chaos and surprises. From the moment on I arrived, everything happening was a surprise yet strangely familiar - not only to me, but to all the travelers gathering here.
This logbook is my attempt to preserve the knowledge I gained and unhinge it from time itself.
I do not know most travelers here, yet, as always when I leave the old world and enter places like this one, the interactions are heartfelt, respectful and filled with genuine interest, particularly towards our distinctive differences.
As my free thoughts, wild ideas and my ways move and name myself have not attracted any negative attention, I can spend most of my time here I interacting with other travelers and the environment.
And these interactions are enriching in many, many different ways, as the travellers wear a CARD10 around their wrists.
CARD10 connects to each other - they call it Cardiacard10, as far as I know, or sync. One thing all CAD10s show is a special time we all share here. It started with the opening talk some travelers prepared and it counts all the ongoing hours since then, I do not know if it will stop when the last workshop here is finished or if this new time that started will go on?
## conclusion:
There will have been been a device at camp this year that we will have been wearing on our wrists. We need to uncover and (re)produce this device till camp?
#### demands
* find out how this device is built
## logbook entry
D1, traveler Aki
Since todays morning my view on card10 changed again when I found out about the possibilities of communication through color. Not only can one sync with other travelers by showing the same blinking theme while holding card10 high above ones head, there are also three colors that have a special meaning for everyone here.
Three lights, framed by a yellow, a blue and a green circle are used to communicate ones scope of interaction with the world. If the yellow light is active travelers somehow seem to be in wild adventure mode or on some mission, they call it the chaos light. The blue one seems to stand for a general open and communicative mode, I saw travelers starting conversations a lot with blue-lighted others. The green one is a sign for a traveler to be in so called campmode which to me means to do selfcare, to not be visible for other travelers because I am fine with being for myself.
Since I started to use this interhacktion, experiencing the blue mode is most exciting to me because I am still not used to people just starting conversations with me and I am enjoying it a lot. I appreciate the comfort that comes with activating the green light, I can be totally with myself although I am floating around.
It feels like a lot of different perspectives where included in designing all those interhacktions for card10, I wish I knew more about the travelers that developed all this...
## conclusions for this interhacktion:
card10 is supposed to have LEDs that communicate ones personal *scope of interaction*.
#### demands
* There are LEDs on the badge that are reserved for this feature (marked in a more persistent way).
* There are at least three led states (colors): I am in wild experiencing mode (chaos) / I am in a communicative mood (communication) / I don't want to interact (camp).
* The meaning of the LED states is well documented and announced, as they will only work if a critical mass of travelers knows about them. (If we decide to have only few states there could be a legend printed directly on the pcb)
* (There is the idea to find new words for personal states or to take elements from the camp design that will eventually be revealed, but at least the naming for the "I don't want to communicate"-state should be very clear and not be able to be interpreted in a wrong way)
* The LED state should be able to be set from the badge interface (without phone or other connected device)
* The LEDs should be readable from a proper distance where one doesn't need to enter the others personal space. We could either use a diffusor or multiple LEDs placed adjacent to each other for better readability
* This feature should be discussed with e. g. the autism community to include different perspectives and needs.
[topics: communication without languages - individual LED-colours for different state feelings/mood/needs: chaos - communication - camp [~ wildly experiencing, open for interaction, in selfcare] - interhacktions diversity in handling and accessability]
## logbook entry
D1, traveler moone
Today I discovered that my card10 can pick up information about people's skills in my surroundings and led me to a person with a crazy hat that really knew a thing or two about goldsmithing.
I actually found a way to transfer my own interests to the card10 and from that point on it started to oscillate softly when picking up similar interests in my vicinity. That's how I found a camp of hedonistic creatures that knew more about security than I could have imagined.
I don't know if it picks up brainwaves or if it has to do with the blue glow or what else is going on, but at least I learned again that my first impressions can be deceptive after all.
## technical description
There should be a mechanic that allows camps to announce topics they are concerned with via bluetooth beacons and the badges should be able to pick up topics nearby.
Additionally there could be a privacy friendly way to announce personal topics via the badges and to find people who are concerned with similar topics.
#### demands
* There is a possibility to set up bluetooth beacons that announce a list of topics that the corresponding community is concerned with.
* The badge can receive those announcements
* I can trigger a search for topics in my vicinity via the badge interface (without phone)
* I can see a list of announced topics and which places announced these topics
* I can filter or at least meaningfully sort those topics
* There could be a way to define topics I am interested in (probably via an application on a connected device) and an alarm that triggers when such a topic is somewhere around me
* My personal topics could be announced as well. I should be aware and in control of how and when my topics are announced
* There could be a way to find other people with same topics.
* If I try to contact a person with a similar topic, this person should be able to anonymously decline the the contact before we are "matched"
* There needs to be a way to find that person if we get matched. Maybe the LEDs on our badges show the same randomly generated pattern and we raise our badge wearing arm to find each other.
* other peoples interests shouldn't be discoverable if they set their [personal state leds](logbook-personal-state-led) to a non-communicative state
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