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title: Home
## card10 handout: Card10 handout is closed. Not sure when it will open again, but not before Day2 - 16:00
## current firmware version: Broccoli (as of day1-19:00)
## current firmware version: CCCauliflower (as of day2-00:30)
It is very easy to [update your card10 firmware](/en/firmwareupdate) with just a USB-C cable. The update instructions
also contain a list of the existing firmware releases.
title: Current Release
# Currently: Broccoli (day 1 - 19:00)
# Currently: CCCauliflower (day 2 - 00:30
# Update the firmware release on your card10
* download the current firmware `.zip` file to your computer
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* copy over the files you just extracted directly into the main folder
on mac devices it is recommended to use the terminal, e.g. for the broccoli release: `cp -r Downloads/card10-v1.2-broccoli/* /Volumes/CARD10/`
* eject your device (if you're doing this in the command line: don't forget the `sync` on linux)
* switch your card10 on and off again
* switch your card10 off and on again
# Previous Releases
## Broccoli (day 1 - 19:00)
## Asparagus
As of Day 1, 18:00
Asparagus is the firmware that is loaded on the card10s handed out on day 1 from 18:00
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