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......@@ -24,6 +24,13 @@ and up with the LEFT button. The SELECT button starts the selected app.
The POWER button starts the app called '', which is also the app
that will automatically start when you turn on your card10.
### choosing your personal state
Card10 comes with an app to set your [personal state](/ps). As with the nickname, enter the menu
by pressing the POWER button briefly. This time, select the `` app with the POWER button,
and navigate to your state with the LEFT and RIGHT buttons. Unlike the other apps, the state of the personal
state LED will remain blinking and glowing as you set it in the app.
### USB storage
Your card10 can function similar to a USB stick, if you start it in _USB storage mode_. You can use this mode to upload _configuration files_ and _micropython scripts_. To enter _USB storage mode_, first switch off your card10 with a long press of the POWER button. Next, hold down the RIGHT button and the POWER button, until your display shows the text "USB activated. Ready.".
......@@ -33,17 +40,21 @@ The USB storage mode is exited by briefly pressing the POWER button.
### setting your nickname
To set your nickname, create a file called `nickname.txt` on your laptop.
Start your card10 in USB storage mode, then copy `nickname.txt` onto the card10.
Now look for an app called '' (TODO: this app might need downloading first...),
which will display the nickname.
Start your card10 in USB storage mode, then copy `nickname.txt` onto the card10. Eject the USB device.
Then briefly press the POWER button to exit the storage mode, and then a second time, to enter the menu.
You can scroll up and down using the LEFT and RIGHT buttons.
Now look for an app called '', select it by pressing the SELECT button.
If you have successfully uploaded a `nickname.txt` file, your nickname will now show up on the display.
You can also upload a `nickname.json` file instead, to get some more options.
Have a look at the [hatchery]( for more options of the app.
### activate BLE
Initially, BLE is disabled for privacy reasons. If you want to use it, you have to activate it first.
* Via the menu: Select the from the menu and press the SELECT button to enable BLE. The board will restart with activated BLE. Deactivation can be done via the same app.
* Manually: Start the card10 in _USB storage mode_ and add a file `ble.txt` with (exactly) the content `active=true` then reset the board.
### making LEDs blink
## Next
Now it is time to start playing with the card10, writing your own micropython code!
Continue in the [first interhacktions](/en/ section.
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