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## Why should I consider keeping the protective foil on the display?
The display has a polarizing filter on. With the protective foil stuck on top, this filter is disabled. With some sunglasses this has the unfortionate effect that the card10 is difficult to read on your wrist.
## What can I do if the filesystem of my basge is read-only?
tl;dr: `fsck`
One possible reason for a read-only filesystem is a set "dirty-bit".
To change this the linux tool fsck can be used.
First the badge needs to be ejected safely, then it needs to be restartet and put back into "USB storage" mode.
The device should not be mounted. Now `lsblk` can help with finding the correct blockdevice.
Then you can check the filesystem with `fsck /dev/sdX` (replace `sdX` with the correct device).
If neccessary the tool will ask if the "dirty bit" should be removed, this needs to be answered with yes.
After this, the problem should be solved.
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