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......@@ -51,5 +51,5 @@ We moved from our [Hamburg GitLab]( to:
- [Firmware](
- [LogBook](/en/logbook)
- [Interhacktions](/en/interhacktions)
- [Fundamental board](/en/fundamental-board-overview)
- [usb-c](/en/usbc)
- [Hardware Overview](/en/hardware-overview)
- [USB-C](/en/usbc)
title: Mechanical Data
Our reconstruction of the card10 badge is made of two 1 mm PCBs, spaced 5 mm apart.
- The [Fundamental Board](/en/hardware-overview/#fundamental-board) is a bit larger than the [Harmonic Board](/en/hardware-overview/#harmonic-board)
- To make sewing the wristband connections easier when the card10 is fully assembled
- The wirstband is about 34-38 mm wide and 25 - 30 cm long
- The two PCBs are spaced using three 5 mm brass spacers and one 5 mm nylon spacer
- The PCBs are screwed to the spacers using eight 3 mm M2 screws
## Dimensions
### Fundamental Board
![Fundamental Board dimensions](/media/hardware/Fundamental-Board-dimensions.png)
### Harmonic Board
![Harmonic Board dimensions](/media/hardware/Harmonic-Board-dimensions.png)
## Design Files
### Fundamental Board
SVG with bottom copper layer. View is from above (through the PCB)
![Fundamental Board dimensions](/media/hardware/Fundamental-Board-dimensions.svg)
### Harmonic Board
![Harmonic Board dimensions](/media/hardware/Harmonic-Board-dimensions.svg)
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