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so you want to become part of the card10 research team and help us find out how it will have improved everyone's experience at Chaos Communication Camp 2019?
Here's what you have to know:
* we have around 20 prototypes which we are trying to share with as many interested card10logists as possible. and there are many people interested in working with it.
* there's documentation on in our (gitlab)[]
* there's documentation on in our [wiki](
* we're trying to find out how the badge will have interacted (?) with used BLE to interface with other installations at camp the camp surroundings
* cities with hackspaces can get a prototype if there's a volunteer for being an ambassador who takes care of the prototype (trying to avoid too much idle time)
### Here's what you gotta do:
### Here's what you can do:
* think about how you want to contribute/what you want to do with the prototype
* join our Matrix/IRC channel and tell us what you want to do
* join our [Matrix]( [``]([IRC]( ( [``](ircs://
channel and tell us what you want to do
* talk to your city's ambassador
* become an ambassador yourself
* we'll try to find a timeslot for you to work with the prototype
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