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# card10
Welcome to card10 Wiki. You can browse this wiki source [here](
Welcome to card10 (pronounced: cardio, 10₂ => 2) Wiki. You can [browse]( this wiki source and [read more](/en/gitlab) about our GitLab instance.
## Announcements
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ We moved from our [Hamburg GitLab]( to:
**!Caution!** Card10 is still in the prototyping phase, bear in mind that hardware and PCB layout changes may still occur.
- [Hardware](
- [Hardware](
- [LogBook](/en/logbook)
- [Interhacktions](/en/interhacktions)
- [Fundamental board](/en/fundamental-board-overview)
title: GitLab
## Welcome Message
Welcome to ccccamp badge card10 GitLab instance.
*1st*: *Check* your *mails*, links below won't work until verification.
### What's next
To get an understanding of card10 (cardio) checkout:
- our wiki [Wiki](
- explore our [GitLab Server](
- also checkout our public repos at [`/card10`](, including source for the wiki.
### Profile Settings
Keep this tab open, accept your registration mail and you can go to this links.
- Updating Your [Profile Privacy](
- Adding [Two-Factor/OTP](
- Change [E-Mail Notifications](
- Add your [SSH Key]( for `git clone...`
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