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# card10
Welcome to the official wiki of the ccccamp2019 badge: card10 (cardio).
## Overview
Welcome to card10 Wiki. You can browse this wiki source [here](https://git.card10.badge.events.ccc.de/open/logix).
## Announcements
### New GitLab Server 2019-06-04
We moved from our [Hamburg GitLab](https://gitlab.hamburg.ccc.de/card10/) to:
Hello, my name is card10:
> [`https://git.card10.badge.events.ccc.de`](https://git.card10.badge.events.ccc.de/explore/groups/)
1. Please be aware this hosting is a work in progress. If you encounter any issues please let us know on Matrix or IRC (see below).
2. We are aware and working on GDPR compliance, for progress you can track this [issue](https://git.card10.badge.events.ccc.de/open/meta/issues/1)
3. Social-Sign-On (Twitter, Github, ...) is coming soon
## Overview
<img class="center" alt="Photo of the card10 badge" src="/media/frontpage-nice-image.jpg" width="420" height="auto" align="center">
<span> Hello, my name is card10: </span>
- Community
- at [Matrix](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrix_(protocol)): [`#card10badge:asra.gr`](https://matrix.to/#/#card10badge:asra.gr)
- or [IRC](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Relay_Chat) (mirror): [`freenode.com#card10badge`](ircs://chat.freenode.net:6697/card10badge)
- or [GitLab](https://git.card10.badge.events.ccc.de)
- or [GitLab: `https://git.card10.badge.events.ccc.de`](https://git.card10.badge.events.ccc.de/explore/groups/)
- Social Media
- [`@card10badge@chaos.social`](https://chaos.social/@card10badge)
- [`twitter.com/card10badge`](https://twitter.com/card10badge)
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