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# News
## Camp was wonderful, see you at 36C3
if you still have a voucher (white or blue), bring it to congress and you might be able to redeem it against one of the card10s we are reparing in the meantime.
No sale of card10s!
## current firmware version: Mushroom (as of 2019-12-09)
## Firmware Update: Mushroom (as of 2019-12-09)
It is very easy to [update your card10 firmware](/en/firmwareupdate) with just a USB-C cable. The update instructions
also contain a list of the existing firmware releases.
## Got a card10 you don't use or need one for your next project?
The card10 exchange point is [here](/en/card10exchange)
## Meet with other card10 hackers at the card10 workout in Berlin
We will meet up for the second card10 workout at [xHain]( in Berlin on the weekend from November
9th to 10th! More info [here](/en/workouts/berlin-2019-11-09).
# card10
Welcome to card10 Wiki. You can [browse]( this wiki source and [read more](/en/gitlab) about our GitLab instance.
......@@ -32,7 +29,7 @@ After playing around with card10 a bit, you want to learn how to write your own
### [tl;dr](/en/tldr)
Spare me the details just give me the links to the docs!
## Overview
### Overview
> <img class="center" alt="Photo of the card10 badge" src="/media/ECKyISOXsAYDJZl.jpg" width="420" height="auto" align="center">
......@@ -51,6 +48,5 @@ Spare me the details just give me the links to the docs!
### Events
- Upcoming:
- card10 [workout in Berlin](/en/workouts/berlin-2019-11-09): xHain, Sat-Sun, November 9th to 10th, 2019
Events [archive](en/events).
- 36C3, meet other card10 hackers at the card10 assembly!
- Events [archive](en/events).
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