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title: IAQ with Grafana
This tutorial will guide you to create a Grafana installation on a Raspberry Pi which
logs temperature, humidity, air pressure and indoor air quality (IAQ) from a card10 badge.
It will look similar to this:
{{% notice warning %}} This guide does not try to secure the installation of all the software packages involved. There might be default passwords still active which are not accounted for here. {{% /notice %}}
The individual steps are:
- Prepare card10
- Turn on Bluetooth
- Turn on BSEC in BME680 app
......@@ -27,9 +37,18 @@ title: IAQ with Grafana
- Ignore error message because of docker version
- Select "Build Stack"
- Select grafana, influxdb, nodered using space
- Enter nodered menu to build addons list with right arrow key
- Enter the nodered menu to build addons list with the right arrow key
- Press enter
- Add `node-red-contrib-generic-ble` using space
- Hit enter to build `addons_list.yml`
- Hit escape to go back
- Hit enter to start the build
......@@ -44,7 +63,7 @@ title: IAQ with Grafana
- `scan on`
- Enter Bluetooth menu on card10
- Wait until something like `[NEW] Device CA:4D:10:XX:XX:XX card10-xxxxxx` appears
- `pair CA:4D:10:XX:XX:XX` (replace with MAC that is shown in bluetooth memnu)
- `pair CA:4D:10:XX:XX:XX` (replace with MAC that is shown in bluetooth menu)
- Type `yes`, hit yes on card10
- Try again if the pairing fails
- `disconnect`
......@@ -65,22 +84,56 @@ title: IAQ with Grafana
- User `admin`, Password `admin`
- Select a new password
- Add new data source influxdb
- Url: `http://influxdb:8086`
- Database: `card10`
- User: `grafana`
- Password: `supersecure`
- Method: GET
- Press "Save & test"
- Import [Air-1640540229032.json](Air-1640540229032.json)
- Select the InfluxDB data source you created before
- Press Import
- Add card10 in nodered
- Go to `<IP of your Raspberry Pi>:1880`
- Import [card10-iaq-flow.json](card10-iaq-flow.json)
- Change mac of device to `CA:4D:10:XX:XX:XX` (same as above)
- Set user of influxdb to `nodered`
- Set password of influxdb to `supersecure`
- Deploy flow
- Reboot (takes some time)
- Check that card10 BLE connection goes to "Active"
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