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You can use your card10 to communicate your personal state to others, and find out about the state of others.
There are four states indicating that you want to have time to yourself, feel communicative, want to discover new things, or are occupied with camp(ing) tasks.
Four personal states are defined:
- _______ red red, continuously on: **no contact, please!**
- . _ . _ blue led, short blink, long blink: **chaos**
- _ _ _ _ green led, long blinks: **communication**
- <> <> < yellow led, fade on and off: **camp**
#### no contact, please!
`_______ red led, continuously on`
#### chaos
`. _ . _ blue led, short blink, long blink`
#### communication
`_ _ _ _ green led, long blinks`
#### camp*´
`<> <> < yellow led, fade on and off`
The mode can be activated via a card10 app, and is indicated with the top left LED lighting up the space between the fundamental and the harmonic board.
You can also implement it on paper, if you run out of battery, by indicating the colour/modename/blinking pattern
**Please respect the 'no contact, please' state of others.**
## Please respect the 'no contact, please' state of others.
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