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title: Companion App
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<div class="p-notification--caution">
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<span class="p-notification__status">Warning:</span>
We are still in developing the Companion App for iOS and Android
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## We need really help, please follow us [here](developing)
......@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ The user guide of the card10 is divided into a few sections. Here is an overview
- [Expected run time](general-usage#expected-run-time)
- [Going to standby](general-usage#going-to-standby)
- [Powering off](general-usage#powering-off)
- [Starting apps](general-usage#starting-apps)
- [Setting your personal state](general-usage#setting-your-personal-state)
- [Installing apps via USB](general-usage#installing-apps-via-usb)
......@@ -36,15 +36,17 @@ To create a pairing open the `Bluetooth` app:
Your card10 is now in pairing mode and can be seen by other devices. You can use the `card10companion` on Android or the system dialog of other devices to find your card10 and start the pairing process:
{{< figure src="/media/ug/2-ble-android-1.png" link="/media/ug/2-ble-android-1.png" width="300px">}}
Once the pairing process has started both devices will show a confirmation code. Make sure that they both show the same code and accept the pairing on both. If possible the card10 will also show a name of the device which is trying to pair:
![Going to standby](/media/ug/2-ble-confirmation.jpg)
Hint: On Android this dialog sometimes pops up in the background and has to be selected from the status bar:
**Hint:** On Android this dialog sometimes pops up in the background and has to be selected from the status bar.
{{< figure src="/media/ug/2-ble-android-2.png" link="/media/ug/2-ble-android-1.png" width="300px">}}
......@@ -80,9 +82,11 @@ The companion app for Android allows you to:
- Upload files
- Make your card10 sparkle
We recommend to install the fdroid app store to install it:
You can find the latest release of the Companion App in the F-Droid repository:
Another option is to directly download the APK and install the app manually:
[Companion App for the card10 Chaos Communication Camp badge](
Have a look at the [app section](/app) for more information about the app.
## Installing the companion app on iOS
Currently there is no regular iOS release of the card10 companion available. If you want to help out, **please** get in touch:
......@@ -96,7 +100,9 @@ Phyphox is a versatile physics experimentation app for smartphones. It can use t
To use the light sensor in Phyphox:
## Using characteristics via BLE
BLE uses
How to use nRF Connect goes here.
......@@ -10,6 +10,9 @@ There are four buttons on the card10 _harmonic_ board: On the top left, just abo
## Powering on
To switch on card10, briefly press the `POWER` button. After showing you which firmware version is installed, it will launch the [default app](../menu-system#selecting-a-default-app).
[![Boot Screen 1](/media/ug/1-boot-1.jpg)](/media/ug/1-boot-1.jpg)
[![Boot Screen 2](/media/ug/1-boot-2.jpg)](/media/ug/1-boot-2.jpg)
[![Default App](/media/ug/1-default-watchface.jpg)](/media/ug/1-default-watchface.jpg)
### Expected run time
With the default watch face and the current firmware (version 1.16) , a card10 should last around 24 hours. It will go into standby mode when the battery reaches a critically low level. In standby mode it continues to keep the time for multiple days. Even with an "empty" battery.
......@@ -50,6 +53,7 @@ by pressing the POWER button briefly. Select the `Personal State` app with the `
and navigate to your state with the `LEFT/UP` and `RIGHT/DOWN` buttons. Unlike the other apps, the state of the personal
state LED will remain blinking and glowing even after you leave the app.
[![Personal State](/media/ug/1-ps.jpg)](/media/ug/1-ps.jpg)
## Installing apps via USB
Your card10 can function similar to a USB stick in its _USB Storage Mode_. You can use this mode to upload configuration files, firmware updates and apps. Another way to install apps is via [Bluetooth](../ble) using your mobile phone and the [card10companion app](/app).
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