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......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ Since the BLE chip is very new, none of the card10 researches and travelers have
You can find out if there's an ambassador in your city or a city near you. If there isn't maybe you want to become an ambassador yourself and help with the card10logix community.
More detailed info you can find [here](/en/prototype_distribution)
## What should I bring to cccamp 2019 so I can enjoy card10?
## What should I bring to CCCamp 2019 so I can enjoy card10?
*I have noticed that the card10 needs some maintenance; most people carrying a card10 have brought their own tools for maintaining their card10, making it more individual, or adding functionality. In some places, maintenance stations are available, where card10's can be recharged, and tools and knowledge is shared*
According to current research, it is recommended to carry the following:
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