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title: Workout Berlin 2019-10-03
# Workout Berlin 2019-10-03
The first card10workout will happen at xHain in Berlin from October 3rd to 6th, 2019.
# Location and Times
Location: [xHain]( Grünberger Str. 16 10243 Berlin
Times: 2019-10-03 to 2019-10-06, all day in general, details to follow
Capacity: Around 10-20 people
## People
- rahix
- schneider
- lilafisch
- peter
- hds
- paulaner
- YOU?
## Activities
### Firmware
We will most likely work on integating more MRs into the firmware, creating a new release
### Hardware
If you have issues with your hardware swing by and we can see if there is a quick fix. We will have spare parts!
### Software
We plan to experiment with some more phones to improve BLE support
### Wearware
We still have plenty of conductive thread and a lot of ideas. Do you have some too?
## Events
We can make us of xHain during the times as mentioned above. If you want to allocate some time
for specific workshops or similar, mention it here:
| Title | Start Time / Day | Duration |
| | | |
## Accomodation
xHain is not a place to sleep, so please make sure you have some accomodation. Get in touch with us on IRC/Matrix if you don't know.
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