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### Organising a workshop
* from Day3, you can hold workshop at card0 village between 12:00 and 23:00, in 1 hr slots, starting at the full hour, check which slots are already used in the list below
* for other days/times please coordinate with lilafisch
* feel free to hold card10 workshops at other locations as well
* the card10 area is suitable for small scale (10 to 20 people), hands-on workshops
* feel free to hold card10 workshops at other locations (e.g. Johnson) as well, but it is up to you to organise the room
* for help, ask lilafisch
### Participating
......@@ -27,3 +28,16 @@ please keep chronological order
* Time: Day 2, 19:00
* Location: Johnson
* [Description](
### Micropython on card10 for complete beginners
* Time: Day 3, 15:00
* Location: card10 area
* bring a laptop and a usb-c cable
* and your card10
* no knowledge of python needed
### EKG fuer Hacker
* Time: Day3, 21:00
* Location: card10 area
* EKG daten lesen praesentiert vom CERT
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