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It features an ECG sensor, Bluetooth Low Energy, an optical pulse sensor, a complete IMU with magnetometer and an environemental sensor.
# News
## Virtual card10 Workout
We'll meet up again, still in virtual space, on 2021-09-19 at <>. Hope to see you there!
## Firmware Update: R2R Rocket (as of 2021-04-04)
It is very easy to [update your card10 firmware](/firmware/firmwareupdate) with just a USB-C cable. The update instructions
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<!-- Please keep ongoing and current events in sync with -->
- Upcoming:
- DiVOC R2R: 2021-04-04 Bluetooth LE in MicroPython (auf der card10 badge)
- virtual card10 workout: 2021-09-19 at
<!-- past events, please remove any events you move here from to keep the home page clean -->
- Previous
- DiVOC R2R: 2021-04-04 Bluetooth LE in MicroPython (auf der card10 badge)
- card10 [workout in Berlin](/events/workouts/berlin-2019-11-09): xHain, Sat-Sun, November 9th to 10th, 2019
- **card10 reworking/soldering/firmware/etc.**: card10 village (R8); for firmware work, please bring your laptop with a clone of the firmware git and the [toolchain](
- card10 Soldering Session in Berlin: xHain Wed-Thurs 14&15. August starting at 10 am
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