1. 19 Sep, 2021 2 commits
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      feat(display): Sleep display if backlight is off · ade3dd2f
      Rahix authored
      Adapted from previous implementation in !476.  To quote:
      > This saves about 1 mA when the display is off.
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      feat(epicardium): Add a new LCD driver · 59679a8a
      Rahix authored
      Currently we're still working with the reference driver from Waveshare.
      This driver seems hacked together and also does not really fit for what
      we're doing with the display.  Even less so because it configures the
      display upside down.
      As a first step towards dropping this vendor library, introduce
      a reimplementation which is purpose built to our usecase.  This new
      library configures the screen right side up natively but still allows to
      change to the legacy orientation on the fly to support the old codebase.