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docs(card10.cfg): Add config option for flashlight LED

Add a config option to indicate that a flashlight LED was soldered onto
the harmonic board.
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......@@ -64,4 +64,6 @@ Option name Type Description
``bsec_offset`` Integer Temperature offset in .1 K. Example: Set to `-14` if temperature reads 1.4 "C" to high. Default: -2.2 K (appropriate for a card10 without a case, connected to USB and with BLE active in vertical orientation).
------------------ ---------- -----------
``battery_check`` Boolean Whether the low battery check should be enabled (default ``true``). **Warning**: Do not use this unless you know what you're doing. This option is only meant to be used on devices with a broken PMIC ADMUX connection.
------------------ ---------- -----------
``has_flashlight`` Boolean Whether the flashlight LED was soldered onto the harmonic board. Can be used by apps to optionally enable flashlight features.
================== ========== ===========
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