Commit d974cd2f authored by Rahix's avatar Rahix
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hack(streams): Discard overflowing samples

As discussed in card10/firmware!316, this commit prevents I2C lockup by
discarding overflowing samples instead of blocking until they have been
read.  This is not ideal as the samples read will not be the most recent
ones.  A deeper refactor of the sensor-stream internal API can fix this
in the future.

Cc: @flo_h

Signed-off-by: Rahix's avatarRahix <>
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......@@ -312,11 +312,15 @@ bhi160_handle_packet(bhy_data_type_t data_type, bhy_data_generic_t *sensor_data)
data_vector.y = sensor_data->data_vector.y;
data_vector.z = sensor_data->data_vector.z;
data_vector.status = sensor_data->data_vector.status;
/* Discard overflow. See discussion in !316. */
if (xQueueSend(
0) != pdTRUE) {
LOG_WARN("bhi160", "queue full for %d", sensor_type);
if (wakeup) {
......@@ -155,13 +155,10 @@ static void max30001_handle_samples(int16_t *sensor_data, int16_t n)
while (n--) {
uint16_t data = -*sensor_data++;
if (xQueueSend(
MAX30001_MUTEX_WAIT_MS) != pdTRUE) {
"queue full"); // TODO; handle queue full
/* Discard overflow. See discussion in !316. */
if (xQueueSend(max30001_stream.queue, &data, 0) != pdTRUE) {
LOG_WARN("max30001", "queue full");
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