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feat(api-caller): Hard-disable all IRQs during API calls

Disable all maskable interrupts on core 1 during API calls.  This brings
two main advantages:

1. It means API calls are now always ISR-safe and can be used everywhere
   in core 1 code.  This is mostly interesting to l0dables as Pycardium
   should not need to do this.

2. It allows Epicardium to halt the clock for core 1 without fear as we
   have observed problems with doing this when core 1 is currently
   executing instructions that touch memory.  Now a synchronous call
   from core 1 will guarantee that it is currently waiting in a WFE and
   no other ISRs could be potentially running.
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......@@ -5,8 +5,17 @@
#include "mxc_assert.h"
static uint32_t irq_save = 0;
void *_api_call_start(api_id_t id, uintptr_t size)
* Disable all maskable interrupts here, to be turned on again at the
* end of _api_call_transact().
irq_save = __get_PRIMASK();
while (SEMA_GetSema(_API_SEMAPHORE) == E_BUSY) {
......@@ -51,6 +60,12 @@ void *_api_call_transact(void *buffer)
* Re-enable interrupts (if previously enabled) after completing the API
* call.
return API_CALL_MEM->buffer;
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