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......@@ -13,20 +13,20 @@ The service consists of two GATT characteristics that act as a bidrectional
link, similar to many BLE UART implementations. The two channels are seen from
the Central perspective and hence named Central TX and Central RX.
The current draft uses following service specification:
The current version uses following service specification:
- Service
UUID: 00422342-2342-2342-2342-234223422342
UUID: 42230100-2342-2342-2342-234223422342
- Central TX characteristic:
UUID: 01422342-2342-2342-2342-234223422342
UUID: 42230101-2342-2342-2342-234223422342
- Central RX characteristic:
UUID 02422342-2342-2342-2342-234223422342
UUID 42230102-2342-2342-2342-234223422342
read, notify
Low Effort File Transfer Protocol
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