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The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
## [Unreleased]
### For Users
#### Added
- Added the Bosch BSEC library for the BME680 sensor. See the [``bme680``
module][bme680-docs] documentation for details.
- Added a [BLE Environmental Sensing Service][ess-docs].
- Added a [BLE HID Service][ble-hid-docs].
- Added the ability to use the pulse-oximeter as a proximity sensor (makes it
usable as a button). Additionally a demo-application was added which uses
this for a push-to-talk button.
- Added a [blitting][blit-docs] function to the display module. This finally
allows to efficiently draw pixels!
- MicroPython BLE support!
- A PNG library for pycardium: [`png`][png-docs]
- Two more config options to tweak menu button behavior: `long_press_ms` and ``retrigger_ms``
- Option to disable low battery checks via `card10.cfg`. This is meant for
devices where the connection between the PMICs ADMUX and the CPU's ADC is broken
in some way, leading to the device always reporting a low battery condition.
#### Changed
- Updated the BME680 demo app with BSEC support.
- Upgraded to MicroPython 1.14.
- Open the USB mass-storage when no apps are found.
- Improved the l0dables runtime; it now handles HardFaults and app-exits
#### Fixed
- Fixed lockup when trying to load an ELF l0dable while ELFs are disabled.
- Fixed card10 not waking up from sleep when BLE is disabled (regression from 1.15 to 1.16).
- Fixed card10 not working with the Harmonic Board disconnected (regression from
1.15 to 1.16).
#### Removed
- Removed the battery BLE service.
### Internals
#### Added
- A work-queue API in Epicardium to schedule work that needs to be done
#### Changed
- Upgraded to newer SDK version.
- Cleaned up the BHI160 driver a bit.
- Readjusted the flash layout, to give Epicardium more space.
- Upgraded the documentation to use Sphinx 3.
## [v1.16] - 2020-12-04 - [Pandemic Potato]
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