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revert(bhi160): Re-add hack to fix axis mapping

Originally, commit 1a3dfad3 ("fix(bhi160): Fix interrupt behavior
during initialization") was supposed to fix the BHI160 axis-mapping
issue (see #133) but apparently on some devices it still
needs the original hack to work.  Revert the removal of the axis-mapping
hack from commit 2f56ff36 ("fix(bhi160): Call bhy_mapping_matrix_set
twice for the first time").

Fixes: 1a3dfad3 ("fix(bhi160): Fix interrupt behavior during initialization")
Link: #133

Signed-off-by: Rahix's avatarRahix <>
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......@@ -475,7 +475,16 @@ void vBhi160Task(void *pvParameters)
GPIO_IntConfig(&bhi160_interrupt_pin, GPIO_INT_EDGE, GPIO_INT_RISING);
/* Remap axes to match card10 layout */
* Remap axes to match card10 layout.
* TODO: We set the matrix for the accelerometer twice because on some
* badges, the axis mapping is not applied properly the first time. We
* should fix this properly at some point.
PHYSICAL_SENSOR_INDEX_ACC, bhi160_mapping_matrix
PHYSICAL_SENSOR_INDEX_ACC, bhi160_mapping_matrix
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