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docs(build): Add a note for macOS

Update how-to-build.rst - Added another hint for macOS, for the common
problem that strip fails on mpy-cross with "malformed object (unknown
load command 9)"

Manual merge for !173
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......@@ -144,6 +144,15 @@ In order to do a rebuild you can issue a clean command to ninja via
Otherwise, rerunning ``./`` will also clean the build-directory.
.. note::
**macOS**: If ``strip`` fails to work on the freshly compiled ``mpy-cross``:
"strip: object: (...)/lib/micropython/micropython/mpy-cross/mpy-cross
malformed object (unknown load command 9)", you a likely not using the
`strip` that matches to your ``clang``. Do ``which strip && which clang``,
and if the paths don't match, clean up your PATHs, or as a quick hack,
create a symlink for strip.
.. note::
If you try to flash pycardium_epicardium.bin (renamed to card10.bin)
......@@ -152,4 +161,4 @@ Otherwise, rerunning ``./`` will also clean the build-directory.
was >1MB. This was caused by the ``tr`` tool in the build process
(it's supposed to create a large file with 0xff in it) - this requires the
LC_ALL environment variable to be not set, or set to "C"
(but not UTF8 or similar).
\ No newline at end of file
(but not UTF8 or similar).
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