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docs(pycardium): Document os.usbconfig

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......@@ -72,3 +72,28 @@ Card10-Specific
Please only call this function if absolutely necessary. In most cases
you'll want to just :py:func:`os.exit` instead.
.. py:function:: usbconfig(config_type)
Change active USB configuration. By default, card10 boots with
:py:data:`os.USB_SERIAL` active.
This will deactivate the currently active USB configuration. This means
that, if you activate :py:data:`os.USB_FLASH` while :py:data:`os.USB_SERIAL`
was active, the USB serial will be disconnected.
:param config_type: Selects which config to activate. Possible
values are :py:data:`os.USB_SERIAL`, :py:data:`os.USB_FLASH`,
or :py:data:`os.USB_NONE`.
.. py:data:: USB_NONE
No USB device active.
.. py:data:: USB_SERIAL
CDC-ACM serial device active.
.. py:data:: USB_FLASH
Mass-Storage device active.
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