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doc(sleep): Add docs for epic_sleep()

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......@@ -336,7 +336,24 @@ API(API_SYSTEM_EXEC, int __epic_exec(char *name));
API(API_SYSTEM_RESET, void epic_system_reset(void));
API(API_SLEEP, void epic_sleep(uint32_t ms));
* Sleep for the specified amount of time.
* This call will block for at most the specified amount of time. It allows epicardium to
* reduce clock speed of the system until this call is finished.
* This call returns early if an interrupt is signaled from epicardium.
* The clock source of epicardium has a limited amount of accuracy. Tolerances
* of +- 10% have been observed. This means that the sleep time also has a
* tolarance of at least +- 10%. The exact amount varies from device to device and
* also with temperature. You should take this into consideration when selecting
* the time you want to sleep.
* :param ms: Time to wait in milliseconds
* :returns: 0 if no interrupt happened, ``INT_MAX`` if an interrupt happened and the sleep ended early.
API(API_SLEEP, int epic_sleep(uint32_t ms));
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