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## [Unreleased]
### For Users
#### Added
- Much improved battery runtime, up to 160% more time without recharging!
- Integration of the [] vector graphics renderer! This
means much smoother looking graphics as CTX comes with anti-aliasing!
- As part of that, we have integrated a new font. You can also use your own, by
replacing `lib/ctx/fira-mono.ttf` with a font of your choice and then
rebuilding the firmware.
- Automatically return from USB storage mode after the host (= your computer)
ejects the device.
### For Hackers
- Disable IRQs on core 1 during all Epicardium API calls. This means API calls
are now always safe to use from ISRs.
- Added an [`epic_sleep()`] API call which can be used as a hint to Epicardium
that it can enter a deep-sleep mode. [`epic_sleep()`] will only return once
either the time is up or an interrupt to core 1 is pending. Pycardium now
uses this call for all delays by default.
- Update MicroPython to v1.17.
### Internals
#### Changed
- Restructured `epicardium/modules` into more sensible subdirectories.
- Switched the UART peripheral to use the HIRC8 clock.
- Converted the "personal state" implementation to use the workqueue.
- Switched the SysTick in Pycardium to use the 32kHz clock source.
- Made display backlight PWM robust against changes to the MCU's PCLK speed.
- During tickless idle, lower the core-clock (PCLK) to reduce power consumption.
- Rewrote the LCD driver.
- Put the display to sleep when the backlight is off to save power.
## [v1.17] - 2021-04-04 - [R2R Rocket]
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