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    stm32/modnetwork: Replace generic netif NIC polling with specific code. · ce8262a1
    Damien George authored
    It doesn't work to tie the polling of an underlying NIC driver (eg to check
    the NIC for pending Ethernet frames) with its associated lwIP netif.  This
    is because most NICs are implemented with IRQs and don't need polling,
    because there can be multiple lwIP netif's per NIC driver, and because it
    restricts the use of the netif->state variable.  Instead the NIC should
    have its own specific way of processing incoming Ethernet frame.
    This patch removes this generic NIC polling feature, and for the only
    driver that uses it (Wiznet5k) replaces it with an explicit call to the
    poll function (which could eventually be improved by using a proper
    external interrupt).
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