Commit f7fd9427 authored by genofire's avatar genofire
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ble: add card10 svc light sensor uuid

parent a3fd1979
......@@ -31,3 +31,4 @@ val CARD10_SERVICE_UUID = UUID.fromString("42230200-2342-2342-2342-234223422342"
val VIBRA_CHARACTERISTIC_UUID = UUID.fromString("4223020f-2342-2342-2342-234223422342")
val ROCKETS_CHARACTERISTIC_UUID = UUID.fromString("42230210-2342-2342-2342-234223422342")
val SINGLE_LED_CHARACTERISTIC_UUID = UUID.fromString("42230211-2342-2342-2342-234223422342")
val LIGHT_SENSOR_CHARACTERISTIC_UUID = UUID.fromString("422302f0-2342-2342-2342-234223422342")
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