Verified Commit e1a7684a authored by Rahix's avatar Rahix

fix(cdcacm): Disable before printing error

Otherwise Epicardium attempts to print the error to cdcacm again,
leading to an endless recursion.
Signed-off-by: Rahix's avatarRahix <>
parent 4c74f061
......@@ -207,8 +207,8 @@ void cdcacm_write(uint8_t *data, int len)
if (acm_present() && !lockup_disable) {
int ret = acm_write(data, len);
if (ret < 0) {
LOG_ERR("cdcacm", "fifo lockup detected");
lockup_disable = 1;
LOG_ERR("cdcacm", "fifo lockup detected");
} else if (ret != len) {
"cdcacm", "write length mismatch, got %d", ret
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